How We Got Started

As experts  juggling full time schedules we know the value of a good nights’ rest. We also treasure that extra few moments of rolling around in the sheets before we have to start our busy day.There are many factors to consider when talking about a comfortable sleep, however, we feel that  the most important of all is what separates you from the mattress. Cotton sheets are just too rough and silk sheets are just too sleek. When we tried our first pair of bamboo sheets we were instantly hooked. It’s really hard to describe how amazing these sheets feel without feeling it for yourself. We decided to start because we wanted to share our secret with the world. Once you try our 100% bamboo sheets you won’t want to sleep on anything else, you also won’t want to get out of bed. Here, at, we say yes! to embracing your lazy side. Whoever said being lazy is a bad thing, clearly never tried our Bamboo Sheets!

Rest well, fellow Bambooers!

Your Team.